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Usure des pneus


Your trailer tires are very important because they are the only thing that connect your trailer to the road. A visual inspection on a regular basis is highly recommended to help you prevent potential dangerous situations on the road. Understanding tire wears will help you to identify the cause because the problem can be elsewhere. Here are the most frequent scenarios:

This image is from a tire with road debris damage. It can be ofTowing & Safety various sizes, shapes and location on the tire. It can be from a small dent that will not affect the use of the tire to more serious damage that can leave you on the side of the road with  a tire to change.

Towing & SafetyThis one represents a center wear all around. This is typical of a tire that has been over inflated. Verify and respect the proper air pressure recommended on the side of the tire to prevent this problem.

The exemple shows a tire with symetrical wear on each side of tTowing & Safetyhe tire center line. This is mostly because of a lack of air in the tire. Verify and correct the proper air pressure recommended as printed on the side of the tire.

Towing & SafetySide wears on either of the tire sides is a sign of cargo overweight (inside wears) or camber problem (outside wears). Verify and respect your trailer’s cargo capacity limit to prevent this problem, this information is usually located on am information tag outside the trailer on the left side. If you are unsure, please contact our service department.

This tire has a number of flat spots here and there. This can be relatTowing & Safetyed to a brake control that is too agressive or a loose drum and bearings. You should adjust the brake control intensity or plan a service maintenance on the axles of your trailer.

Another common issue is the tire rubber cracks on the side. There can be other tire issues but we listed the most common seen ones. If you are to have any of these with your trailer tires, it is highly recommended to replace the damaged tire for your safety and everybody else on the road.


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