Motorhomes are RVs that you can drive, meaning that the driver and passenger seats, as well as the living space share one single unit. There are different classes of motorhomes of various prices and sizes. Whether you’re seeking a standard model, or one that’s more luxurious, our in-store specialists will guide you in selecting the RV of your dreams among the wide range of motorhomes for sale.

All motorhomes sold at Roulottes Desjardins can tow a family car, a boat, or even a golf cart to help you fully enjoy your vacation destination. Year-round adventurers will also be happy to learn that there are several models suitable for winter. Equipped with an efficient heating system and superior insulation, you’ll be prepared to travel across the country for several months, or for an impromptu snow storm in April.

Driving a motorhome is smooth and stable, and does not require a special driver’s license. We do recommend having some experience behind the wheel however, especially when it comes to parking!

Class A Motorhomes

  • Ranging from 6.4 to 12.2 meters, Class A motorhomes are the largest. They are built on the platform of a motor vehicle, and may resemble a campaign or tour bus. Spacious and well-equipped, they can accommodate up to 6 people comfortably.
  • Class A motorhomes are the ultimate in luxury and comfort. Some larger, more luxurious models can cost upwards of a million dollars. These models can easily serve as temporary housing throughout a vacation … or retirement!

Class B Motorhomes

  • Commonly referred to as van campers, class B motorhomes are equipped with high roofs and low floors. They range from 4.9 to 6.4 meters and sleep up to four people comfortably.
  • This motorhome is economical, and can even serve as a second vehicle since it is easy to drive, maneuver, and especially park when compared to other motorhomes.

Class C Motorhomes

  • Class C motorhomes are easy to recognize: they have an optional sleeping area over the cab, which can also be used as additional storage space. They are built on an automotive van frame with a wider body.
  • These models range from 6.4 to 10.7 meters and have similar amenities to a large, conventional motorhome, but at a lower price! A class C motorhome can accommodate up to 8 people.