Cargo and Sport Utility Trailers

Sport Utility Trailers

You’ve been good all year. You want to treat yourself now that your vacation has arrived, and you do not intend to sit idly on the beach. It’s time to go on an adventure with your RV and enjoy your off-road vehicles!

Sport utility trailers are towable trailers that include a garage-like storage space at the back for your off-road vehicles: motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs or other motorized vehicles. These trailers include a rear ramp for easy-access, allowing you to take your motorized toys wherever you go.


You’ve never been the lazy type, but you refuse to compromise on your comfort. A sport utility trailer is perfect if you and your family never miss out on an adventure, but like to return home to a comfortable and luxurious living space. Our sport utility trailers allow you to live your ideal vacation, striking a perfect balance between action and relaxation.

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Cargo Trailer

Do you own a motorcycle, an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), a mountain bike or a personal watercraft? The cargo trailer combines the comfort of home and the convenience of a trailer, and is the perfect recreational vehicle for all thrill seekers.

The beds, dinette and sofas are designed to be easily folded against the interior walls to allow you to bring your ATVs, mountain bikes, personal watercrafts, canoes, kayaks, snowmobiles, motorcycles and any other cargo you’ll require on your vacation. The rear of ​​a cargo trailer transforms into a handy utility space, saving you from having to tow a trailer. It also features a folding ramp that allows you to load and unload your motorized vehicles in no time.



Detachable Cargo Trailers

What better time than on vacation to enjoy your favourite “toys”? You’re not going to leave them behind! Experience nature first hand behind the wheel of your cargo trailer, and find the destination of your next adventure. Travel to the heart of the forest, where you can fully experience your ATV and your canoes.

Motorcycles, ATVs and personal watercrafts are an excellent way to experience your travel destination. You’ll no longer be separated from the elements by the windshield of your car; you can experience nature first hand, and live a truly unforgettable experience with the help of a cargo trailer.

After you’ve spent the day in the great outdoors, you can return to the homey comforts of your cargo trailer–after all, just because you are an adventurer doesn’t mean you are willing to sacrifice your comfort. Having spent the day outdoors, whether in the water or on the open road, we expect you’ll appreciate the amenities of your cargo trailer even more than usual!

A visit to our store will convince you to take a cargo trailer on your next outdoor adventure. It will suit your active lifestyle so well that you’ll wonder how you’ve gone without one for all these years!